Presidential elections up here in the forest-dressed yellowbelly of the Northern hemisphere are rather irrelevant due to a number of reasons: Finland is a small country, a member of the EU, and the president has little power (diminishing by the day, it seems). In other words, we need a president that can represent, negotiate, dress-code differentiate. (Sigh: O lordy, these are superficial times).
Yass yass, mark it, clearly we are in dire need of a propaganda president, a dashing leader of this tiny part of the free world instead of a mother caricature. Man, I have one already. But then why are we stuck with the angry little orange elf? I feel an insult rising inside of me.. ooh barely managed to hold back – yeah, ask the socialist Finnish people who elected her in the first place, and who will probably go on electing her again. Old people, probably. Well, not me. I gave my vote to Sauli Niinist√ɬ∂. Never has the choice been easier. Now, if I only could find one of those cardboard figures of him to stand guard outside my house at night…

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