scarlett in safe hands

Good old grandpa, best in the whole wide world, is still going strong at the age of at least 86. Over the holidays he finally got to see a grand-grandchild of his for the very first time, and he held her in his huge strong hands like she was made of ancient Egyptian papyrus. I never felt better about handing over my daughter. It was a touching moment I shall store in my most secure vault of memories.

Some of the more related of you will obviously point out that the magnificent Maxime beat Scarlett to the title of first grand-grandchild by a year and a bit, but since she has yet to set foot on Scandinavian soil, most of us have still only seen her on pictures, where she plays in the sand on some faraway beach, or on videos, where she dances like a little twister. Scarlett is, however, waiting like crazy to meet her big cousin this summer!

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  1. “…to see his first grand-grandchild”. Yep, I will obviously point out that Maxime is not very happy with that sentence. Please reformulate it. Just because we’re “out of town” doesn’t mean Maxime doesn’t exist! Mycket respektlöst!

  2. There is “see” in the sentence, see. Breath in and out and then think about it carefully. It is actually surprisingly tricky to write this sentence without perverting the very significant and moving fact that it was the first time grandpa held a grand-grandchild in his arms. Because that is specifically what I was after – he was quite overwhelmed by this rather special moment. Furthermore, since mofa is no longer the youngest man in town, I was very happy that he has lived long enough to experience this.
    In any case, sorry if I caused a massive offense down in NZ. I did not mean first, only first time. But do you also realize that if I just write “the first time he saw his grand-grandchild”, it actually dismisses other grand-grandchildren even more? And if I write “he finally got to see his second grand-grandchild”, it implies that he has actually seen his first. Do you get the dilemma?
    I did deliberately not want to complicate things, but I was also blogging in a haste. In any case, since you demand accuracy, it is my pleasure to abide:

    “…he finally got to see a grand-grandchild of his for the very first time.”

    Sadly, while the sentence may have improved upon ambiguity, it has now lost its delicate simplicity.

    By the way, did you even get as far as to the second part, the text below the picture, before you blew a gasket? I adore Maxime, you oaf, and I can’t wait to meet her. That is why I even went to the trouble as to explain the case!!!

  3. Hey, happy new year, min vän, to Scarlett, to Madli and to you, of course – and to your Grandpa, who may not remember me – but I certainly remember him and his big farm – fondly! (btw, I’m still waiting for pictorial proof that your sense of style is in fact up to snuff with Johan’s, hahaha!)

  4. Hehey, it is the Gonzo! Happy Oh-Nine to you too, my Friend! (yes, with big F).

    Oyes, I’m sure Grandpa remembers you, hahah! He always remembers Germans – it gives him a chance to say kartoffelsalat. (He likes that word… and can you blame him? It is pretty nifty.)

    Most everybody in Karis knows you, my good man, so on behalf of the half-wild citizens of this metropole, right back at ya!

    By the by, I’ve been dying to hear how your trip to the States was? Did anything cool happen, like getting molested by rednecks in the woods of South Carolina? Blast me an email when you can.

    Awwshucks, I don’t think I have any pics of my xmas combo. Darn. But think Ivy Leage with preppy tie and orange socks and then add a little daft silliness…

  5. Will do. In the meantime, may I refer you to my facebook page where some beautiful snapshots illustrate the lowdown on the highlife Mr Nils and I were living stateside. But consider an email written – after I return from Berlin where I’ll seek to further my NYEE (New Year’s Eve Exploits) from tonite, tonite, as Billy Corgan croons, making maximum use of three days to spare. . .

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