is it wicked not to care?

Is it wicked not to care, when people die in Gaza? I have absolutely nothing in my bag for Israel, and none more for Hamas. The fact that the most ravaged region in the world is at the same time supposed to be the most sacred region in the world [Judaism, Christianity, and Islam] speaks volumes about the ridiculous lunacy of man at his blindest.

The biggest fools always seem to hail from Teheran, though. When this latest – not last – episode of anti-humanity kicked off between Israel and Palestine, over 70.000 Iranian students offered to volunteer for suicide bomber duty. Seventy-thousand!

Unreal, for real. Imagine seven times the population of my hometown strapping Semtex to their chests, all willing to die not for their own, but for some other dusty country far away. What is there in martyrdom that I can not see for the life in me? What if there is no pussy in paradise? Is it cruel of me to point out that there might very well not be? Fine, don’t listen to the atheist.
By the way, what if you are a female suicide bomber? [The potential answers to that question amuse me considerably.]

Anyway, I stray – back to the little strip along the Mediterranean, which could be a lovely beach was it not laced with morons + guns. Hate breeds hate. It is something you said in college to sound all Gandhi when girls were listening – but despite your shady motives, you were speaking common sense.
What we have here is the perpetual motion device at its most effective, going back and forth in everlasting punches.

You know, just from writing “Arab” and “Jew” in the same sentence, sparks shoot out from my keyboard…

5 thoughts on “is it wicked not to care?”

  1. My sentiments exactly. Saw the pictures and simply could not bother to care. And did not, I stress: DID NOT feel bad, but rather good. And no, nobody tore my heart out lately, nobody. Quite the opposite. So let me confirm you in your sentiment: it is not wicked not to care. In fact, it may come close to wickedness to care too much.

  2. It is hard not to care. But caring is harder still. I suggest we hope instead, that we hope someone else cares. Let’s wait and see what the black man does when he enters office tomorrow…

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