two months today

Sweet pumpkinmuffin Scarlett is celebrating her two-month birthday today… Madli is downstairs in the kitchen making gooseberry pie in tender commemoration, and I, why, I will blog.

Scarlett at two months: a bundle of unbridled joy, taking in the surroundings, eyes wide open, and… smiling. Oh lord, when she smiles! When she smiles, when she smiles, when she smiles.

When the Phantom strikes, the lightning stands still“, the old jungle saying goes. But when Scarlett smiles, my whole world stands still. And then said world unfolds, revealing secret treasures and answers to questions mankind has been asking since dawn. I know every meaning of every moment and I can feel history and future merge. Yes, all that and more is in her smile. And she has dimples too!

It is no wonder I’m wearing out her soft puffy cheeks by kissing them a bazillion times every day…

She stole my heart two months ago – and I won’t ever want it back, because it’s right where it belongs now. Can you see it?

4 thoughts on “two months today”

  1. Joyeux mensiversaire Scarlett!! Keep those cheeks growing as auntie Emilie and Maxime will need plenty of room for their giant kisses!

  2. Congrats to the little cute one with the bombastic cheeks! And well done to the parents too… 2 months down! A lot to go….

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