button up

The only reason I have not yet reported on any of the races in the F1 season so far, is… äh, screw it. I absolutely despise people who blame lack of time. I’m just going to get on wid it.

First and foremost, let me just point out that this season is awesome for three reasons:

a) Hamilton is sucking.
b) New world order.
c) Button & Vettel.

And hey ho like so we ignore the first few races and find ourselves on the most overdeveloped rock in the world, Monaco. Oh, Monacoo. Coo coo coo. If there ever was one place where it would seem impossible to race a F1 car, it is Monaco. Yet, the race is the crown jewel of the series. Inexplicable? Au contraire. Bring the racing to the people, not vice versa. In fact, bring the racing to the people who are immune to fiscal crisis, to the people with gold tans (not just golden) and topless honeys on arm, better yet, let them park their floating palaces next to the track, chill the champagne and hey presto, where the rich and beautiful go, the poor follow – or aspire to follow.

And whereas we have followed the alluring scent of the Eurotrash, the F1 drivers have been following Jenson Button. Could it really be – Button world champion 2009? I dare say I never thought I’d say so. And this is why the 2009 season is fantastic.
Besides, Button is a dude, and deserved a break. Sure, F1 is all about the car, but Jenson is giving it to ol’ Ruben no less than old Shu did. Today sealed the deal for me – Button was superb, won Monaco easypeasy prettypenny. Fickle as I am, I have decided to back Button this year.

Who can stop him anyway? Perhaps my favorite German, Vettel. But he was off today, off in a big way. Anyone else? Kimi? Well, he is a hundred million points back, but let’s just see what Ferrari whips up in the coming races. If they can focus on the racing instead of bickering with FIA, we can look forward to banging with Brawn in the second half of the season.

BMW? Jeez.

The sun sets over the yachts in the marina of marinas. The breeze is cool. You better Button up.

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