Från mjölkbutiken, klockan fem
ett litet mumintroll gick hem.
En kanna full med mjölk han bar
och vägen lång och kuslig var
och vinden suckade och ven
i skogens alla mörka trän –
det var ej långt från skymingen.

The legend of Tove Jansson, in transfer. She loves it.

2 thoughts on “moominpappa”

  1. . . .and then Christoph came along the way and helped the little mumintroll with that heavy milkcan.

    Ha, just like Antonio Banderas in The 13th warrior, I suddenly understand the Norsemen. Can’t wait to board that plane in July!

  2. Hehe, you’re a god in Swedish, Gonzo! And as far as opening lines go, few are better than those of Tove Jansson above. If you are looking for Finnish-Swedish culture in a nutshell, it is in there, in that book. That’s us, that’s me. Not Finnish, not Swedish, but Finnish-Swedish!

    Most willkommen to Finland again, my dear dear friend. Here’s to the good times we always have!

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