put this in your pipe and smoke it

The latest savage attack in the relentless crusade against the hunted smoker has hit the headlines here in Finland: ban smoking on balconies? Now I have really seen it all, and it is so much more than I can take. Man, the world is obviously spinning out of control. By the byway, I am not even an active smoker, altho I like to think that I look like Clark Gable when I light up at parties…
Black-lung Panthers, we need to stand up and shout: “Jesus smoked too!” ( and some say he drove an SUV…).
Apparently the angry mob of fascist prosecutors think they will face instant death when catching a whiff of cigarette smoke dancing through the midnight air. For those I have composed a special poem that comes straight from the deeper regions of my animal heart.

Martha Focker
Moloko Vellocet
Mahatma Ghandi
Malaga Brother
Moped Mam
Moped Mam…

(shit… started gigglin’)

60 thoughts on “put this in your pipe and smoke it”

  1. the cigarettes are gonna kill me, i know
    i gotta get a light before i hit the door-
    does anybody have a light?
    well, aidez-moi, cuz i need to get right

    – Cigarettes by GD

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