birthday number one

Forever tiny little Scarlett is not tiny little anymore. Just little – because she is about to turn one, yes, a whole year, on Sunday.
We’re celebrating in big style in Tallinn this weekend, but too-excited dad got too excited in advance, and got her the coolest birthday gift any little girl could ever want – a motorcycle! (Her mum thinks I treat her like a boy… pah! Nonsense!)

As you can clearly see, she was way over the moon about her little Suzuki. (Dad too, by the way…)

Then we made major bike-sounds together. The house was shaking!

And then she fell over, and learned her first lesson about bikes. They are dangerous. So we cry a little. And then she climbed back up. Lesson number two about bikes. They are irresistable.

Voom voom, little Suzuki, voom voom!

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