It might already be spring blooming into summer, but back then it was a cold winter day, the 12th of January, snow up to your nose outside. Yeah, that was the day Scarlett decided that crawling was tedious. So she got up. And just walked. Just like that. Like she had done it all her life (all 13 months of it…)

I almost felt as though I wasn’t ready for this… my tiny baby, a big girl, already. Come on Scarlett. Give dad a break. Don’t run so fast. Wait. Wait for me.
You know, Scarlett, before you came into our life, I used to think it was impossible for a person to be absolutely everywhere at once. Little whirlwind, how I was wrong.

They grow up so quickly, they say. Too quickly? Read my lips or listen to me shout, fall over from the wall of echo. Y-E-S!!!