I said it before & I’ll say it again… and probably again and again and again, in the near future… original quote below is from my “politik-polis” post of Jan 14th:

Swell. Iran goes nuclear. I suppose they need the energy, since they don’t have much oil… please turn on your sarcasm detector now.

the knife-edge of the stiletto

It appears that Romano Prodi has won the Italian election… by a peanut, the shadow of a telephone line, and a ray of sunshine. What I can make of this messy mud-fest is that it is nix enough to completely remove his opponent – yes, him, the ultracorrupt megamobster who calls people who vote against him ‘coglioni‘…
I can not see Forza Italia team up with L’Unione, so another election may very well loom and loom large. Shame. It may feel difficult to vote socialista, but there should be no breathing space left in modern civilized Europe for a slick whose hobbies include fabricating his own laws to keep himself out of jail.

(That one, Silvio, is for insulting Finlandia…)

the flip-out side

Things are-a-brewing, and I smell a shitstorm. This post is a sequel of “the flip side”, simply because I was wondering what Iran is trying to achieve by re-examining the history of the genocide of the Jews during WWII. Frankly, I can not wait to see what kind of conclusion this international conference on the Holocaust will reach – and the reaction it will cause, of course.

I am a huge fan of myth-busters… but just how are you supposed to explain the missing millions of Jews?

Iran and point man Ahmadinejad are rather hot at the moment, with wild statements, nuclear plants and Holocaust conferences. I am not very good at maths, so I am not going to put 2 and 2 together, but rumour says it comes out as 4.

(Right now somewhere in the world there is a tiny country with quivering yarmulkes).

the flip side

British writer David Irving goes to jail for three years for something he said 16 years ago, and I get that Pluto feeling again. But when you are denying the Holocaust, you get a pack of bitter old Jews after you, and they are like pitbulls… they just can’t let go.

Let us be reasonable. It should be easy enough to prove that the Holocaust did indeed happen, and that it was the opposite of pleasant. That is that. Can we please move on? History sucks for other people than Jews, too.

The timing was infallible, as usual, considering the unlikely pair of the infamous Mohammed cartoon & Irving’s version of Holocaust; apparently the West is not the best. Hypocrisy is a beast that always bites back.

gold and death

Read in the paper today, that… some mossy Taleban has promised 100kg of gold to the one who gets there first and kills the guy who drew the insulting cartoon. As an extra addition, there is a 5 kg reward of the same yellow for everyone who kills a Danish, Norwegian or German soldier. The icing on the cake is another 100 fresh new suicide murder recruits, with mission intent of killing “those of the wrong faith”…

Seems to me, the West is not allowed to say anything, while some others in the Middle East can get away with everything. Why don’t we just roll over and die?

Yeah, I know, I know. I should know better and refrain from using harsh words???

carlsberg democracy

I’ve been watching this ridiculous farce unfold in perfect amazement for quite some time already, and I still expect someone to shout April’s Fool any day now. Being a white male from the Western world, highly educated and on top of that, a complete atheist, I feel like I live on the moon. Or Pluto. I wish I could understand why a few cartoons can cause people to boycott butter and burn flags and utter threats of suicide bombs. Doesn’t it sound surreal? But no-ho-no, it is cold hard reality. Damnation and despair, I really try to understand, I do, I really do.

Lack of respect? Holy tabu? Forbidden territory according to the Book? Please help me understand!

No, I’m from Pluto, where this sort of behaviour is deemed absurd. My personal Freud says it is a deep-rooted fear of upheaval of the controlled society. On planet Pluto we prefer Danish democracy over “Chinese democracy”.
Oh, don’t worry about the Danish economy – I hear the export of Danish flags is rocketing….

I will end my monologue with this simple question to which no one apparently has an answer: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

the unbearable lightness of the cow fart

Sometimes you feel like a pinball, going back and forth and up and down, every hit a slap to your head. Badabing badabong… you know the song – present in the shape of 5 cents about climate change, the personal demon of this planet.
Those who research this subject are called scientists. But there is nothing scientific about the research results: a zillion of different opinions scattered like my sneeze particles. While one argues that climate change is a huge scam by ecoterrorists, another one states clear evidence of the next ice age, rapidly approaching. What am I supposed to do? Go into a blazing panic, or sit back and… chill?
Let’s assume for a second that there is some sort of climate change going on. Certainly it would be pretty nifty to have some idea of what the devil is causing all the fizzle? Well, count my damn sneeze particles again. That is how many different theories there are. Hope all that talk is not just… warm air? I’d really want to start believing in something concrete soon enough, otherwise it may all just turn into religion.

In the beautiful meantime, listen to the release of methane on a field near you…

put this in your pipe and smoke it

The latest savage attack in the relentless crusade against the hunted smoker has hit the headlines here in Finland: ban smoking on balconies? Now I have really seen it all, and it is so much more than I can take. Man, the world is obviously spinning out of control. By the byway, I am not even an active smoker, altho I like to think that I look like Clark Gable when I light up at parties…
Black-lung Panthers, we need to stand up and shout: “Jesus smoked too!” ( and some say he drove an SUV…).
Apparently the angry mob of fascist prosecutors think they will face instant death when catching a whiff of cigarette smoke dancing through the midnight air. For those I have composed a special poem that comes straight from the deeper regions of my animal heart.

Martha Focker
Moloko Vellocet
Mahatma Ghandi
Malaga Brother
Moped Mam
Moped Mam…

(shit… started gigglin’)